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  1. Says:

    At that time i was 15, my sister was 16 and we were as usual fighting …when a hand grabbed and pulled my left ear. It was the lovely hand of my lovely aunt, Sangeetha.she looked at me sternly and asked my sis Shreya..”what is going on here”.
    Shreya: he has taken my pen drive and hidden it somewhere…
    Sangeetha aunty turned to me, still not leaving my ear and asked ‘where is it?…”Aunty,i havenot..” i started, but she started twisting my ear both sides and my ears started to burn. “It is.. i have lost it when i took it to school” i muttered and added “Plz is very painful”….she at last took her hand from my ear..but that was not the end of it.
    Shreya stepped forwards and slapped my right cheek hard…before i could recover she had slapped the same cheek again harder. my cheeks were stingly and became hot.
    “You was a 16 GB one that i brought recently” she shouted.
    But i was indisciplined at that time and i leapt on shreya and we both started hitting each other…..
    “STOP IT ” my aunt commanded…i stopped immediately but reluctantly.
    Sangeetha came near to me and slapped me on the same cheek that my sister had hit..harder than Shreya . she raised her hand again and slapped my other cheek (thank god for that) with the back of her hand.
    my cheeks were very painful and it was a long time since someone had slapped me like that.
    “How DARE you idiot…how dare you try to hit a girl that too your sister…elder than you”
    so saying she slapped my left cheek twice and rewarded my right cheek with three of resounding slaps.
    My head was almost spinning …and ears were rumbling…
    Sangeetha caught my ear againg and twisted it hard…’Now.. you are going to be severly punished and you are to take all that.. or else……………”she commanded.
    “Shreya now you slap him to your hearts content and i’ll see to it that he takes it all ”
    Sangeetha pulled me by my ear to stand in front of Shreya …” gimmicks”
    she left my ear and stepped back …shreya looked very tempted and ready to tear my cheeks apart…”start” her highness commanded.
    Shreya started with 3 slaps on right cheek and 4 on my left one…
    IT continued till Shreya slapped me 30 times on my each cheek which time her fingermarks were firmly etched in my cheeks and my cheeks were blood red and swollen…shreya giggled after giving me each slap and it was very humilating to see my sis slapping me that hard and enjoying my plight too….
    “Good …have you learnt a lesson …”Sangeetha caught my ear again and laughingly asked me….”Learn to behave like a gentleman with ladies around’ so saying she added a couple of slaps ….”if he again misbehaves …tell me …and i’ll make him behave” ahe said to my sister…who laughed again.
    “shreya …take this idiot by his ear and lead him to his room” she said and my sis was only glad to comply …sangeetha too followed and they both left me at the doorstep of my room…and laughingly walked away.
    Inside i cursed my luck……… was a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad day

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